“THE WORKS”  is our comprehensive STD testing panel or you can order a single or combo test. It requires a blood and a urine sample.
FREE Counseling, FREE Medical Consult and FREE Health Management System are offered together whit this and other screening. We can also help you with treatment for positives Chlamydia and Herpes.

The Works    $197.00

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“THE WORKS”  include all the following tests or you may order them as single or combo with no other or hidden charges.


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Everybody wants certainty. Everybody wants to be sure. Everybody wants to close the case. So, how do you go about selecting the best test for your situation?  Purchasing  our comprehensive panel will save you a lot of money!

Your exposure history, the time interval from exposure, the presence or absence of symptoms, your personal emotional and intellectual make up, the funds you have available for testing, all are important factors which play a role in deciding what tests to take. Of all the factors, two are most important:

  •     presence of symptoms
  •     the time of exposure

If you have symptoms of any sort you should definitely consider seeing a Physician who will take your history in detail and examine the area and order appropriate testing. You can, however, while waiting for your appointment, obtain your testing through us and bring your report with you at the time of your visit.